Rapper, Singer & Producer

Cousin JMF is a recording music Hip Hop artist since the early 2000s and has been releasing music ever since.

Today he is recording music in German & English language, covering the genres Rap, RnB and Afrobeats.

Model & Influencer

Cousin JMF is a signed fashion model. He has been booked by major brands like Guess, Puma Energy, Castle lite, Sneaker Exchange, Bonitas,  Johnson & Johnson and more...

"Black Skyline"

Black Skyline is a media production company focused on video production, photography and branding.

Cousin JMF is exposing his talents as a creative director, videographer, photographer as well as graphic designer.

Through the experience he gained as a music artist and fashion model, he knows excactly how to fulfill the creative needs of artists, models and urban brands.

"Sky is the limit"

"Black Skyline - Sky is the limit" is  the first South African One- Take Hip Hop music video series.

It's bringing established South African and International Hip Hop  artist back to the streets and upcoming rapper into the spotlight .

It is shot and edited by Cousin JMF and it is part of the "Black Skyline" brand.

"Black Skyline Photography"

Cousin JMF is also active as a photographer for his company "Black Skyline". He is capturing the same urban feel, then he does in his videography.H

"Your Cousin" Video Blog

This is the story behind the music, the videos, photography and all the other stuff I do. The story behind me, the artist "Cousin JMF" and my brand "Black Skyline".

"Skyline Records"

Skyline Records is an registered Trademark and is also the mother company of Black Skyline.

Cousin JMF started his music label in 2005. The music label released multiple CDs in it's first couple of years and was a pionier of hard German street Hip Hop from Frankfurt and was also know for its "club events" like the "Skyline Lounge". All of Cousin JMF's music, if German or English, is released trough Skyline Records.

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